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Cybersecurity In a World Under Pressure – InfoSec 2021 Webinar | Nettitude

Posted by Nettitude on Mar 24, 2021 1:17:54 PM

By Nettitude

The COVID-19 Pandemic has has showed us that the need for a comprehensive cybersecurity plan is more important than ever.  Having a plan in place is important, but making sure that your cybersecurity measures are effective against an ever changing threat landscape is just as necessary.

Our Head of Threat Intelligence and Advisory Consulting, Anthony Long, recently presented at the InfoSec Webinar on "Cyber Security In A World Under Pressure." In the webinar, we took a look at the impacts of the pandemic and why threat intelligence-led testing is necessary. 


Are you aware of how the cyber-threat landscape has shifted?

Interested in the current threat landscape now that remote working has come to play a heavy role in most organisations day to day operations? Long highlights the current threat landscape and discusses how organisations are neglecting their cybersecurity stance as COVID related recovery takes priority. 

Long comments:

"Attacks are getting more powerful and disruptive"

Long also discusses a number of high impact case studies which have involved triage activities in relation to the pandemic, only for the triage to be sabotaged by significant malware technology. We'll look at how the nature of threats have changed, the risk this poses to organisations and most importantly, what you can do about it. 


Starting on an individual level

As the threat landscape shifts so significantly in reaction the the ever evolving circumstances of the word around us, we need to stay one step ahead. By ensuring individual awareness, Nettitude see our clients create a stronger organisational awareness of cybersecurity. This is the foundations for which small but impactful measures can be put in place.

Find out how 30 minutes could empower you to protect your organisation. 

To learn more how financial organisations can be proactive in protecting against ongoing cyber threats, watch the video below. 


HubSpot Video


As banking & finance cybersecurity specialists, Nettitude have years of understanding and experience working with and helping to protect the world’s most prominent financial institutions from financial cyber threats.

Find out more about our services for the financial sector here.

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