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Becoming A Graduate Security Consultant At Nettitude

Posted by Asad Naveed on Jul 11, 2014 9:39:12 AM

Nettitude has been able to offer me a great start in the information security industry. Having recently graduated with a first class degree in Ethical Hacking and Network Security from Coventry University, I was looking for my next challenge. Nettitude swiftly introduced me to the ins and outs of becoming a security consultant. I was able to quickly understand how my growing knowledge and skills would co-exist with Nettitude’s ambitions and goals as a cyber security firm.

Nettitude offers a very comfortable working environment and I am happy to be working amongst experienced individuals in both web application and external infrastructure testing.

I have also conducted a handful of PCI scans for many of Nettitude’s clients, which has given me a great insight into common vulnerabilities and how clients’ business requirements can challenge the security posture of a live environment.

I have tested many web applications for common vulnerabilities such as XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection and logic flaws, as well as external infrastructure testing and have gained a good balance between external infrastructure and web application testing; both of which I feel are equally important. For instance, external infrastructure that has been secured to only allow mandatory services may still be vulnerable to compromise, if an insecure web application is hosted in the environment, not to mention the social engineering approaches we often take.

During the past year, I have worked with many of Nettitude’s clients and have realised that a security consultant’s role requires a number of skills such as practical knowledge on remediating issues and learning programming languages to work with exploits. In the future, I look forward to developing my skills for internal network infrastructure and mobile testing. There is always something to learn and developing new skills is crucial to becoming a successful security consultant.


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