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Nettitude Helps University Students With Ethical Hacking Lab

Posted by Media marketing on Oct 28, 2011 4:54:50 PM

Students in Coventry are leading the way in the fight against cybercrime thanks to a brand new Ethical Hacking Lab in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing. The new facility officially opens today thanks to generous funding from IT Security partner Nettitude Limited (
The Applied Research Group (ARG) in Digital Security and Forensics (SaFe) at Coventry University was established in 2006, and aims to advance technical knowledge in the broad area of digital security and computer forensics; offering educational research opportunities, developing technical products and software, and providing consultancy services.
The group works closely with Leamington-based IT security business partner Nettitude Limited, who generously donated around £17,000 worth of equipment to make the new Ethical Hacking Lab possible and continues to offer the students the benefit of its experience through guest lecturing.
Brian Moore, Senior Lecturer in Ethical Hacking and Network Security said
"Technology has changed the way we work, shop, educate, relax and communicate. As technology evolves, so do the opportunities for cybercrime, so it is necessary to research and investigate the applications, operating systems and networking devices in the same ways that a criminal would so we can mitigate such threats.
"To conduct this research and teaching we needed a dedicated Ethical Hacking Lab to simulate malicious hacking techniques. Nettitude have been instrumental in its creation, donating around £17,000 of security related equipment including a server, firewall and IDS module. Nettitude have also provided guest lectures, placement opportunities; technical expertise and support. This donation paved the way for the University to invest a further £20,000 for 25 new PCs and an additional server configured especially for use in the lab."
The new equipment means students can work in a dedicated environment, where they can simulate many of the systems that exist globally. This offers students at Coventry University a richer, more diverse opportunity to engage with the technologies under attack; sending them better equipped into the world of employment.

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