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New PETRAS IoT Website Launched

Posted by Media marketing on Jun 8, 2016 1:34:23 PM

PETRAS Research Hub

The PETRAS Research Hub for the Internet of Things (IoT) went live this week, providing information about 22 individual security related research themes which PETRAS is sponsoring. This is an important field of work, because whilst the functionality of IoT-enabled devices is advancing rapidly, this is not necessarily being done with proper regard for security – as demonstrated by the worrying number of vulnerabilities that are being found.

In this work PETRAS are supported by a number of commercial, academic and government partners, of which Nettitude is pleased to be one. We participated in the PETRAS User and Research Workshop in May, and will be looking to use our extensive experience in commercial penetration testing to provide an understanding of practical security concerns and the methodologies that can be used to address them.

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