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The Accelerator Scheme

Posted by Media marketing on Oct 13, 2016 10:43:41 AM

It's no secret within the cyber security industry that finding the high calibre and skilled individuals required to deliver first class security services can be problematic. Ever determined to turn problems into opportunities, the big brains at Nettitude's HQ in Tancred Towers brainchilded the Accelerator Scheme.

The Accelerator Scheme is a seven month, hands-on training course designed to help address the current skills gap within the cyber security industry and to provide a viable entry point for individuals looking to begin or develop a career within the IT security services sector. The programme is designed to provide education and practical exposure across a wide variety of security disciplines including penetration testing, malware analysis, vulnerability research/development, threat intelligence and incident response. On successful completion of the programme all candidates will be supported into full time security consultancy roles within the business....

Problem solved?! Well almost….

Taking the idea from its conceptual state, Nettitude's marketing and recruitment department worked tirelessly to broadcast and advertise the new initiative, we wanted to sniff out and attract the best, wannabe security consultants from around the country via Nettitude's website, social media and by attending hacking conferences scattered across the country.  Meanwhile, back at the office, the technical bods joined forces to hammer together and fashion a rigorous agenda that would provide tailored and relevant training. The importance of hands-on experience has not been lost within the programme and a high proportion is made up of 'real world' delivery under the careful mentoring and guidance of some of Nettitude's senior security consultants.

A number of dedicated recruitment days were held where prospective 'Accelerators' were put through their paces via a series of team building and technical challenges. Only eight survived all of which were selected. J

…and on the Monday 12th September Nettitude were happy to extend a warm welcome to the ‘Accelerators’ both to the programme and to the business. The photos below were taken on a couple of team building days. One involved elements of self-awareness, understanding others and how to work effectively together (important in a 7 month programme!)….the other involved being locked up in a room for 60 mins and solving problems to escape….. followed by pie eating/beer drinking. Fair to say, both days had their merits and the team are forging some strong relationships!

For more information around careers at Nettitude click here:

accelerator-1 Figure 1: Team Building Lying Around


accelerator-2 Figure 2: A particular interesting flipchart


accelerator-3 Figure 3: Escape live team 1


accelerator-4 Figure 4: Escape live winning team 2


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