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UK Government & Regulators Demonstrate Importance Of Cyber

Posted by Rowland Johnson on Jun 13, 2014 2:04:03 PM

In less than ten days there have been two major announcements which demonstrate that the UK really is at the leading edge when it comes to dealing with the evolving cyber threat landscape. The UK Government has launched the Cyber Essentials scheme to increase basic levels of cyber hygiene within small and medium sized enterprises. This program will allow organisations to measure their levels of data security within an industry recognised framework.  It is designed to provide confidence to customers, investors, suppliers and insurers that organisations have basic technical controls in place to mitigate against the risk of a data breach. This proactive approach from the UK government is designed to raise cyber up the agenda for organisations and firmly place UK PLC on the information security map.

Just earlier this week, the Bank of England announced a rigorous security program aimed at some of the largest UK Banks.  The UK really has some of the strongest capabilities in this space today.

Phrases such as cyber, data-loss, malware and Bot-Nets have become part of our everyday vocabulary, and with this the UK has really built up a capability that is unparalleled to many other nations. In the UK, technical assurance bodies, such as CREST, have really transformed the security services market place.

CREST, in conjunction with the Bank of England and the UK Government has helped to provide frameworks for organisations to proactively assess their cyber capabilities. All of these recent announcements demonstrate a major vote of confidence that the UK cyber security market has the skills, the experience and the capability to help keep the UK’s data safe.


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