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Nettitude’s Ben Rothke Appointed to the 2016 Cybersecurity Canon Committee

Posted by Media marketing on Jul 14, 2015 10:39:30 AM

Nettitude’s Ben Rothke has been nominated to serve on the 2016 Cybersecurity Canon Induction Committee.  Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks, The Cybersecurity Canon honors authors and works of literature that accurately depict the history, milestones and culture of the modern cybersecurity industry.

“The Cybersecurity Canon was created to identify a list of must-read books for all cybersecurity professionals,” said Rick Howard, Palo Alto Networks’ Chief Security Officer and 2016 Cybersecurity Induction Committee Chairman.  “These are books in which the content is timeless, genuinely represents an aspect of the community that is true and precise, reflects the highest quality and that, if not read, will leave a hole in the cybersecurity professional’s education that will make the practitioner incomplete.”

The Cybersecurity Canon Committee, an esteemed group of security professionals from multiple industries, disciplines and backgrounds, reviews both fiction and nonfiction works.  For a book to be inducted into the Canon, it must accurately represent the history of the cybercrime community, characterize key places or significant milestones in the community, or precisely describe technical details that do not exaggerate the craft.

“The Cybersecurity Canon is a great opportunity to engage with thought leaders across industries and disciplines,” said Ben Rothke, senior eGRC consultant at Nettitude. “It is exciting to be a part of something that gives back to and unites the cybersecurity community and allows us focus on the challenges of identifying the best solutions to today’s cybersecurity issues.”

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