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What makes a good SOC?

Posted by Amy Tuck on Feb 14, 2018 3:00:00 PM

Many organizations are now going much further than just implementing the basic monitoring and detection capabilities. The ever-changing world of cyber security means that you need to be able to detect and respond to threat actors as near to real time as possible. We’re going to take a look at what makes a good Security Operations Center and what you can do to implement it.

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More than just technology

Where a lot of organizations go wrong is that they just assume the latest technology is all they need to reduce the risk the risk of suffering a cyber-attack. In reality it’s a combination of factors, including technology that help build a good SOC.

Installing the latest technology is just the first step in implementing a Security Operations Center. Once you have the technology built into your infrastructure you have the visibility over your environment. Once you have established visibility it is vital that you understand what your threats are, especially in the event of an attack so you are able to detect not only the initial compromise but also as the attacker moves through the environment.  This is where your people and processes come into force. Highly trained employees and structured processes allow the SOC to understand the threats more clearly.

The combination of people, processes and technology allows a SOC to fully understand where an attack may come from, and what techniques are being used to try and penetrate your networks and infrastructure. If a SOC is able to detect a cyber-attack as it happens it will be able to contain and eradicate the threat much quicker reducing the impact to the organization.

The Nettitude SOC

The Nettitude SOC is a 24/7 service, where the team are among the highest qualified in the industry. Our detection and response capabilities allow us to monitor the environment detect attacks as they happen and remediate against them. To be able to detect and respond to attacks as they happen, here at Nettitude we use a mix of commercial and proprietary technologies to ‘sense’ the network. The ThreatReceiver is our custom proprietary honeytrap platform, as part of our strategy is not only to be reactive and collect and analyse logs, it's also to ensure that we can detect and give early warnings for activities in the environment. A honeytrap is an enticing looking device that sits on the network, an attacker then accessing this network will send a critical early warning to our detection team, so they can respond swiftly. 

The ThreatDetector is a network traffic analysis and packet capture platform. A key part of defense is not just understanding what happens on the host or server, it's understanding what happens at the network level. For example what assets are talking to each other, or what users are doing across the network. It gives the Nettitude SOC a core visibility in what conversations are happening across the network. The ThreatDetector allows the SOC to detect DNS requests during an attack, without collecting any logs from a device, it forms a critical part of the Nettitude technology platform. 

Nettitude and CREST

Here at Nettitude we pride ourselves on being the best in the industry, and we're thrilled to announce that we have just gained accreditation for our SOC services from CREST. We are currently the only company worldwide that has this accreditation, and it sets us, and our Security Operations Center apart from the rest. This accreditation shows that we're the best at what we do, and we can implement our strategies within your organization, giving you the best chance to protect your network from a cyber breach. Our cutting-edge technologies such as the ThreatRecevier and ThreatDetector platforms allow us to monitor your environment 24/7, and provide that critical early warning system should an attack occur. 

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