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What to expect at the RSA Conference

Posted by Ben Rothke on Apr 4, 2018 11:02:35 AM

Find out what Nettitude will be doing at the RSA Conference from consultant, Ben Rothke. 

The RSA conference is a little over 2 weeks away and I, like a lot of my peers, am looking forward to it. As the largest and one of the most influential information security conferences, RSA has turned into the go-to event of the information security season. Pretty much every player, big and small, in the information security world will be there.

RSA has long been the conference to get up to date information from security practitioners about current issues and threats. Now that the agenda for 2018 is available, some of the key topics for this year’s conference will be:

  • GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation from the EU that goes live on May 28, 2018. Simply put, if PCI and HIPAA are waves, GDPR is a tsunami. GDPR is a hot topic as firms need to be compliant with one of the most complex data privacy regulations ever created. GDPR introduces a massive amount of new requirements, from the right to be forgotten, to a 72-hour mandated breach notification, and more. Check out this piece on the Nettitude blog, as you ask yourself, Are you ready for GDPR?
  • Artificial intelligence / machine learning - Advances in AI and machine learning are being used both by attackers and defenders. Attendees will be looking for ways to leverage the promise (and minimize the hype) of AI. Numerous technology firms, from Palo Alto Networks to Google are investing heavily in AI.
  • Blockchain – Not to be confused with Bitcoin, blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that is gaining traction in industry, and information security. The practical applications of enterprise blockchain and security are just starting to emerge.

Nettitude @ RSA

As for Nettitude at RSA, I will be presenting on Monday on Ransomware: How Not to Be a Victim, and What to Do When You Become One (session SEM-M03), and will be leading a Peer2Peer session on 35 Days to GDPR‎. Even If You're Prepared, Is Your Firm Truly Ready? (session P2P4-T10).

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