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Bug Bounty vs Pen Testing - What's the Difference? | Nettitude

Posted by Chris Oakley on Nov 30, 2021

When specifying cybersecurity testing for your organisation you’ll come across various approaches. Penetration testing and bug bounty programmes are two likely options.

But is this an either-or situation? We highlight the main differences between bug bounty and penetration testing and explain why they actually complement each other, keeping your organisation as safe as possible, 365 days a year.

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Topics: Penetration Testing, Bug Bounty

5 Benefits of Bug Bounty Programs | Nettitude

Posted by Chris Oakley on Oct 22, 2021

Cybersecurity testing takes many forms - each one with different benefits. Bug bounty programs will be new to many organisations. Yet, combined with fixed timeframe testing, they provide greater security assurance on a continual basis – not just at a single point in time.

This article unpacks five key benefits of a Bug Bounty program and the difference it can make to your cybersecurity, week in, week out.

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Topics: Bug Bounty

What is a Bug Bounty?

Posted by Chris Oakley on Sep 14, 2021

Cybersecurity testing is more crucial than ever. Whilst you’re probably familiar with our penetration testing services, you might not know about our bug bounty platform. And yet, it’s incredibly valuable to maximise your security.

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Topics: Penetration Testing, Bug Bounty

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