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What Are You Doing To Reduce Cyber Risk?

Posted by Stuart Wright on Aug 20, 2018

At Nettitude we have the great advantage of seeing first-hand how organisations of all shapes and sizes approach cybersecurity. And like all good consultants, we are magpies; borrowing the best and worst of what we see and absorbing it into our accumulated knowledge. This approach means that when we advise our customers, we’re able to draw on a vast body of knowledge and experience, saving our customers’ time by avoiding the mistakes we have observed within other organisations.


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A red teaming approach to PCI-DSS

Posted by Stuart Wright on May 15, 2018

If your organisation is compliant with PCI DSS, chances are you’re conducting penetration tests on an annual basis. This “ticks the box” from a PCI perspective, and your QSA will have no problems marking you as compliant – but is a box-ticking penetration test really enough?

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Through our connected portfolio of advanced cybersecurity solutions, LRQA Nettitude helps companies to identify and manage the vulnerabilities and threats that pose a risk to their business, building cybersecurity resilience and underpinning your business strategy with proactive measures.

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