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Posted by Nettitude on Sep 1, 2020

By Mike Buckley | Presales Security Consultant at Nettitude

There are a few important principles that should be keeping a responsible CIO/CISO awake at night. Most certainly, one of those would be the loss or leakage of business-critical data such as customer Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or financial details. One of the primary functions of their role is to recognise this and put into place processes and technical controls to lower the risk of that data being exposed. We only have to look in the media to see numerous examples of data breaches. Threat actors as we now call them have been trying to access data of various kinds stretching back into the 1980s when modems connected everything together. Unfortunately for the CIO/CISOs of today there are compliance frameworks such as GDPR which firmly put the burden of responsibility on their shoulders.

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