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Posted by Nettitude on Feb 28, 2023


When performing a penetration test, most companies focus on traditional methods with limited knowledge about the targeted system. In fact, if you are dealing with software or programming at a deeper level, there may be threats or vulnerabilities in the code that your team is not aware of. This is where a code review as a service comes in.

In essence, a code review is where every part of a program’s code is analysed to make sure there are no risks of vulnerability that someone else can take advantage of. It also ensures that any confidential information is hidden, which is a vital aspect of cybersecurity. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a code review as a service.

Benefits of Code Reviews

Why do we perform code reviews?

While some may consider a code review to simply be another check as part of the process, penetration testing companies deem it an essential aspect of cybersecurity. Here are some benefits of applying the test to your software’s coding.


1. Improves quality while reducing vulnerabilities

When working with a complex program, you generally will not find only one coding issue. More problems can be linked to the same issue, which means the vulnerabilities will snowball out of control when you try to run the program. A code review will detect where each problem is, reducing these risks and improving the quality of the entire software package.

Another factor to consider is that the digital security company may well find ways to optimise the codes, increasing the performance and efficiency of the program. More experienced developers may also know better ways to code with updated programming while also being aware of modern cybersecurity risks.


2. Retains consistency across the board

Large companies sometimes have several developers in the IT department who like to code in a unique style. While individuality should always be encouraged, it does not always help when collaborating on a large project. It streamlines processes and speeds up delivery when everyone speaks in the same coding language, so to speak.

When performing a code review service, inconsistencies in the codes are discovered and placed in a report with recommendations on how to program more efficiently. It also assists in determining where the same vulnerabilities occur over again, highlighting how future developers can look out for them.


3. Prevents delays in quality assurance testing

Vulnerabilities and issues in the code can delay the QA testing phase. When the team dealing with the product evaluation needs to sift through errors and bugs and send it back for remedial measures, it can lead to an unnecessary amount of time wasted. A code review picks up all these issues beforehand to speed up the QA process so the software can go into production.


When should you do a code review?

Usually, when developers are done with the core software coding, it goes for various automated checks. Some examples include executing and testing, interface engagements and style checking. Once the team is happy, the software heads to the QA department or mainstream IT department to check the production quality. The best time for a digital security company to perform a code review as a service is between these two stages: after the tests and before heading to the central IT section.


Perfect your software code with a review service

You do not need to separate the code review service from penetration testing. Simply engage a cybersecurity company like Nettitude to make it part of the same process. In that way, you can check if there are any vulnerabilities or security flaws in the application coding before releasing it to the public.

Contact us to discover how we can assist you.

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