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Firewall Penetration Testing: What it Entails | Nettitude

Posted by Nettitude on Jan 28, 2022 12:47:25 PM

Firewalls are designed to form a protective barrier between your internal systems and untrusted outside networks. However, you must be certain that this part of your IT infrastructure has been installed and configured correctly. Otherwise, you risk malware being inserted or valuable data being stolen from your private systems.

This is where rigorous firewall penetration testing comes in. These simulated cyber-attacks locate, investigate and test for vulnerabilities from both outside intruders and internal threats. This way, your company will know where its weaknesses exist and have a plan to address any cybersecurity concerns.


The Stages of Firewall Penetration Testing

As a firewall needs to be put through its paces to ensure new vulnerabilities haven’t emerged, Nettitude’s Firewall Security Testing is completed in several stages to identify critical flaws from every possible angle. With our detailed approach, we can ensure that your first line of defence offers top-notch security.


Firewall rule configuration

Firewall rules determine which internet traffic is allowed to enter and exit your network. However, this means that incorrectly configured rules mean your organisation may be vulnerable to hackers who know how to exploit these weaknesses. This assessment ensures your network only allows ports and protocols that meet your needs and restrict access everywhere else.


Network security assessment

There are a host of other firewall configurations that can expose your network to outside malicious users. To ensure your network is secure, firewall penetration testing reviews user access and the authentication process. This stage also makes sure your system is updated to the latest version for maximum protection while checking for known vulnerabilities that may require tailored solutions to address.


Firewall management access

As firewalls are vital to your company’s network security, ensure the devices used to manage your infrastructure are locked down. It doesn’t matter whether someone has malicious intent or not – you don’t want people changing the security protocols of your system without your knowledge. This aspect of firewall penetration testing ensures that only the most trusted people can alter how your firewall operates.


Detailed reporting

Following a thorough analysis of your firewall’s configuration, our firewall penetration testing services provide clients with a comprehensive report that details a system’s strengths and weaknesses. At Nettitude, this reporting is completed with two separate documents – a technical report and a management report. The first explains how to reproduce and rectify vulnerabilities, while the former is a high-level risk analysis of your firewall’s status to enhance security posture.


Why Choose Nettitude for Firewall Penetration Testing?

Your organisation’s cybersecurity is not something you want to leave to chance. With personalised firewall penetration testing services identifying vulnerabilities within your system before they can be exploited, you’ll save valuable time, money, and energy compared to dealing with an attack after it’s happened.

Nettitude's specialised firewall penetration testing services will provide your company with world-class technical knowledge, alongside tailored advice and support to enhance the security posture of your business. As one of the few cybersecurity organisations certified by CREST, NCSC, and NCSC CHECK, you can trust us to protect your data.

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