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Posted by Nettitude on Jul 27, 2022


In today’s increasingly connected world, it can be challenging to keep on top of your organisation’s cyber-risks. You might have insufficient resources and knowledge to achieve this in-house, yet you appreciate it’s vital to remain one step ahead of cyber-attackers.

Vulnerability management and scanning provide total visibility of your organisation’s risk, helping you react to weaknesses before damage is done.

What is Vulnerability Management & Scanning


Continual awareness keeps you safer

Every year, organisations find thousands of vulnerabilities across their systems and networks. This is set to continue as we become ever more connected. Sadly, many discover the risks too late.

Vulnerability scanning is a cloud-based service that identifies, prioritises, and mitigates weaknesses in your environment.

Regular scanning uncovers long-standing vulnerabilities and blind spots, plus new weaknesses as they appear.

Highly specialised software scans every nook and cranny of your IT software and network. Everything from operating systems and open ports, to installed software, is covered.

It is working hard for you in the background, keeping your organisation safer.


Penetration Testing Vs Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is different to penetration testing.
The two cybersecurity processes work perfectly together. One does not replace the other.

Vulnerability scanning uses automated tools to identify cyber risks in your environment. It is a regular process that informs your real-time risk exposure. Non-intrusive, it does not try to exploit weaknesses it finds.

In contrast, penetration testing identifies and actively exploits your vulnerabilities. Carried out several times a year by highly -trained specialists, it rigorously tests your system to an agreed schedule.

By using both methods together your organisation has greater risk assurance, helping to keep the cyber attackers at bay.


Why vulnerability scanning is important

Vulnerability scanning gives the highest level of vulnerability insight, improving your organisation’s security and control. It quickly uncovers risks before they are taken advantage of.

A continual service, this is not a one-off snapshot. You will understand your risk exposure right now, and as it changes going forward.

Importantly, vulnerability scanning helps you meet your compliance, governance, and data protection requirements. It provides the utmost due diligence and shows your commitment to data security and cyber safety.

By using a specialist scanning service, you will quickly prioritise your risks and make informed decisions. You will fix the biggest vulnerabilities first, ensuring you use your resources correctly.


How does vulnerability scanning work?

Once your objectives and risk attitude are clear, sophisticated software can scan your IT systems, network, and data at an agreed frequency. You can also perform scans on-demand.

The software collects data that is compared with a database of known flaws and vulnerabilities. Next, you should prioritise your vulnerability risks using asset criticality and threat intelligence. Some might require urgent remediation whilst others need mitigation. In low-risk instances, you might take no action, depending on your risk management strategy.

Specialists in your cybersecurity

Nettitude has been at the forefront of cybersecurity SOC operations since 2003. We deploy and manage our SOC services globally through our Security Operations Centre.

Recognised as an approved scanning vendor by the PCI SSC, we are an award-winning cybersecurity business protecting organisations from the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Vulnerability scanning and management is a crucial service for businesses worldwide. Whatever your sector, we can help keep you safer as the cyber-world becomes ever more dangerous.

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